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Post by Cyborg on September 6th 2015, 2:47 am

It was around 11 o'clock PM. I was walking around our neighbourhood at Temple and later on decided to head to the basketball court, as soon as I was almost there I've seen multiple individuals wearing Purple from a distance, I started to feel suspicion and rushed to the court, when I arrived I saw K', Sasha and B' talking with the Front Yard Ballas OGs, I felt so shocked.

"What the fucc' is goin' on hea'?!" I said to the people at the court.
"Ayo, what's your name? I'm Julian" Said a Front Yard Balla member.
"Maayne, I'm TeeJay, the f*ck's goin' on hea'?!"
I was shocked that the Balla shook hands with me and later on told me that we've became allies. I was totally shocked that K' did that, I felt backstabbed by the three K', B' and Sasha, I quickly ran out of the area and took out of my cellphone and gave a call to my n*gga, JayJay.

"JayJay, the set is fucked up, nigguh" I said to JayJay as soon as he answered my call.
"Calm down, Tee, what's goin' on?"
"It's K' man. He's gone mad, there's an alliance with Front Yard Ballas now"
"What the f*ck? Where?!" Asked Jay loudly.
"The basketball court" I replied back.

Jay hung up the call and quickly made his way to the area. We both were pissed off of what's happening and I managed to meet up with T' and get back to the court where the alliance is being made, they were almost leaving but we managed to catch up. K' was in his car with Sasha and a Balla in the back, we knocked on their window and all of a sudden Jay flicked his TEC 9's safety OFF and was going to shoot K', luckily I stopped him before he does anything stupid and both of us die. We never expected that from K' and the others we then headed to our apartments, packed up our things and left. We left betrayed...backstabbed.  

((Idk if there's more to write but I'll update it. I think it's short but I hope you like it, btw it's based on a RP scene that occured in the server))
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