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The secret shall be revealed. Empty The secret shall be revealed.

Post by Cyborg on September 7th 2015, 12:00 pm

After leaving the Family, I haven't seen JayJay since then, I really miss that fatass. Looks like he decided to leave the city or something, however I didn't, I met up with a guy called Nelson. He's the guy holding the organization now after I left it, he brought me back in and let me become his right hand straight away, we made money around the streets, lots of it actually. Usually we were disturbed by those gangbanging motherfuckers who don't like drugs and shit, getting shot and wounded, some of us die or arrested and some others make it out. Luckily, Nelson, Marlo and I always made it out, hours later when Nelson and Marlo went to get some sleep, I didn't want them to know, my death was close. Again, K', Sasha and B' are stalking me, they want me dead, they even hired some unknown guy to kill me. Christ, I didn't know what to do, I went up to Grove Street to see if there are any OG's there, luckily I saw Big Bear there. I stepped out of the car and approached him.

"Where's Sweet?" I said to Bear.
"Around" Replied Bear to me.
"Eh...if you see him, tell him that K' the kingpin of the Temple Family set is snitchin' the OGF"
"Elaborate more, n*gga" Asked Bear for more elaboration.
"Temple Families and Front Yardies made some sort of a peace alliance and they're starting a new Balla set going with the name Temple Drive Ballas" I explained to Bear.
"Okay, I'll tell him" Replied Bear to me.

I bailed out of the area quickly before K' and his friends find me again or something. I hid in an alleyway and kept thinking about that problem. Jay left and I'm all alone, I didn't want to keep escaping from them anymore, I wanted to get this overwith. I turned the engine on and fastly drove off to K' at Market to make my last wish...Death.

"K!" I shouted as soon as I arrived to attract his attention.
"Why did you come here?" Said K'.
"Pff...C'mon, finish me off already"
Few seconds later and then Sasha arrived.
"What's goin' on here?" Said Sasha.
"He wants me to kill him" Replied K'.
"Wait, he came here by himself?"
"C'mon guys, it's easy, flick the safety and pull the trigger, just do it!" I said in a desperate manner.

All of a sudden, a guy comes from behind with B' and knocks me out and few hours later, I woke up in an old abandoned shack around the woods.

"Wow, wow, it ain't that easy to kill me?" I said as soon as I woke up to find a whole group in front of me.
"It was a matter of time to find you." Said the unknown guy.
"Let's kill him already" Sasha said.
"No, I want him to die in pain, slowly". The unknown guy replied.
"Sasha, take this nine milimeter and shoot his leg"
"Yeah, c'mon Trasha, finish me off"
I started chuckling at Sasha and as soon as she pulled the trigger at my leg my laughter turned into pain screaming.
"Now...let's take him to the ocean. Throw him there."
I was knocked out again and after few minutes I woke up again.
"Here you go, K', finish him off"
"I can't, he was my do it"
That unknown guy kept punching me in the face, it really hurt, I wanted to die in peace without pain.
He took out his .45 UCP pistol and....

(( End of the story ))
(( OOC Note: ICly this story was not written RPly but it's just my character while speaking in his mind to himself, I just wrote it on forums as an entertaining story for you or me myself since I was bored lol but anyways this RP happend ICly/RPly. Kollegah, Sasha, Brian and Speedy have participated in this.))
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