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Thomas Raymond. Empty Thomas Raymond.

Post by Cyborg on September 7th 2015, 12:16 pm

Lawrence Jackson (Formerly) - Thomas Raymond. (New identity)

Character Name: Thomas Raymond.

[Appearance picture - TBA]

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Raymond.

Full Name: Thomas Meark Raymond.

Age: 34

Race: White / Caucasian.

Ethnicity: American.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Titles/Nicknames: Raymond, Ray(Nickname), Tom(Nickname), Deputy(Title - Formerly).

Affiliations: Los Santos Police Department.

Prior Affiliations: Los Santos Police Department.

Occupation: Police Officer I (Current) - Deputy Chief (Formerly).

Appeared Age: 31.

Build: Athletic build.

Skin Color: White.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Style: Short.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Tattoos: N/A.


Base Alignment: Good Neutral.

Brief Biography: To be written.

Stories: None yet.


Andrew McTaylor (Deceased) ((Andrew))
Jason Smith ((Jason))
Alastair Michael. ((Rusu))
Tyrell Young. (Deceased) ((Purifier))
Joey Bullock. (Deceased) ((Joey))


Family: Sebastian Jackson. (Father - Deceased)
Angelina Lancaster-Jackson (Mother - Deceased)

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