Lost & Damned. (Part II)

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Lost & Damned. (Part II) Empty Lost & Damned. (Part II)

Post by Cyborg on September 7th 2015, 10:59 pm

I woke up on my bed in the hospital, doctors say I'm fixed up and ready to go. New identity, new fresh start. I made my way back home in a taxi and as soon as possible, I was so eager to try and join back to the force. I heard McTaylor died, may he rest in peace. It's time for Smith to take a step up and take the lead. I linked up with the Police Department's website and to the applications section I went, filled up the application and waited for a response.

New beginning
Today's morning, I woke up and the normal drill goes, I was so excited and as soon as I checked my e-mail, I've been accepted back within the department. I headed up to the department, recieved my badge and equipment and I was ordered to go on patrol with one of the current available officers.

Time changes
An officer volunteered and said that he's available, I made my way to the garage and entered the cruiser, it was quite weird for me how time changes and takes you to be the rookie, I was surprised that one of my best officers Alastair is now the new Captain.

"Quite weird how time changes, isn't it?" I said to Alastair in the middle of our patrol.
Alastair made a slight smile and replied. "Hell yeah, it is".
"Now, I gotta listen to each officer making a joke of me"
Alastair laughed loudly and replied again. "Haha, guess so. Why don't you ask the Chief to restore your rank?"
"I don't know about that, I'll wait and see what's gonna happen."

We resumed our patrol and everywhere was quiet as if it was a welcome back with no crimes, I didn't really like it, a real welcome back for me would be full of pursuits. I thought to myself.

"All available units, dispatch, we've got reports of a suspect on a White Sanchez, charged for evading. All units stay on alert!" We recieved a report from the Dispatch unit at the department.
"Hell yeah, that's a real welcome back" I spoke out loudly.
"Heheh...hang tight then" Alastair and I kept cruising around until we found the suspect.
"LSPD! Pull over to the side of the road, engine off and put your hands up where I can see them!" I said to the suspect through the megaphone.

As usual, it was no use the suspect just kept on evading us. Eventually, we managed to stop him and shot his tires. He started running on foot and we lost him.

"Dammit, where is he?!" Said one of the pursuing officers.
"He must be nearby, check the alleyways and the train track on our 3 o'clock" I replied to the officer as soon as we started roaming around the crime scene looking for the suspect.
Eventually, we saw the suspect still on foot and we managed to capture him.


Few hours later, most of the officers went off duty and I kept on patrolling. Smith called me over the radio and said he wants to talk to me, I turned around and quickly went to the department. As soon as I entered the department, Smith was at the lobby waiting for me.

"Welcome back to the force" I was glad that I met Smith and all of a sudden he surprised me.
He gave me a Commander's badge. I think it meant that I should be putting more work and I might get my rank back.

(( OOC note: This character story was made according to In-Character and In-Game actions and roleplay scenes and for entertaining purposes only.

Mentioned characters/credits to: Lawrence Jackson/Thomas Raymond - Cyborg(me), Alastair Michael - Rusu, Pursuing officers - Shadowz & TNT. ))
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