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Seville BLVD Families l Story Empty Seville BLVD Families l Story

Post by JonnyCameron on September 17th 2015, 8:19 pm

The Seville B.L.V.D Families is the second set of the Orange Grove Families set but have been seperated due to the arrival of the crack epedimic and some Gangmembers been selling and smoking drugs too much in the hood Sean "Sweet" Johnson decided to kick people from the OGF that been disobeying his orders."Stan Philip Cameron " a boy borned in 1985 in Ganton he was from a poor family everyday he went to steal some things from people when he became 10 years old one day he been walking in the streets of East Los Santos,he found two members representing the green color carrying Mac-10's on them he got impressed and became interested with this gang when he became 19 years old after his parents' death he joined the gang and when he became 21 years old he earned his rag he was the most respected member with the OGF when he became 29 years old he got kicked from the gang he and other members and that forced themselves to create their own set like the Temple Drive Families Stan created his own set in Playa Del Seville representing the light green color and he named this gang.. Seville Boulevard Families.

How To Join SBF
Take an SBF skin and start roleplaying with us. Getting the official tag will take 1-3 weeks, depending on how good your roleplay is and how active you are. Also post screenshots of your roleplay on our thread so I can see your roleplay. Then after some time has passed I'll give you an SBF rag icly and let you have the tag next to your name.

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