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Seville BLVD Families l Rules.. Empty Seville BLVD Families l Rules..

Post by JonnyCameron on September 18th 2015, 1:01 am

In Character Rules
1. Never snitch on your homies.
2. Don't leave a homie behind.
3. Respect the high ranks at all time.
4. Don't act hard around people.
5. Don't start beef with any gang without leader permission.
6. Don't ever leave your hood for no reason, spend the most time in it and chill with your homies.

Out of Character Rules
Keep OOC chat to a minimum, there is /pm function for a reason.
1. Don't disrespect members.
2. Don't break any rules.
3. Don't abuse ooc chat and ask for tag - 2 warnings then kick..
4. Don't hack in the server.
5. Don't disrespect administrators.
6. Don't troll around in-game
7.Upon joining us, you automatically accept a CK if we want you out, or if you want to be out.


All kind of extra what you try to bring with in faction is noticed and will affect your career here, if your seriously down to create something out of this you put your mind and energy to have great time playing. Don't cling on faction members, remember there's ups and downs in everything, if you're one supporting faction through hardtimes, that's more noticeable than being all in when there's everyone else doing so.

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