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Christian "Malvado" Carrasco Empty Christian "Malvado" Carrasco

Post by Warzum on September 20th 2015, 3:57 pm

Birth name: Christian.
Middle name: Esteban.
Family name: Carrasco.

Birth place: L.S General County Hospital, East Los Santos.
Date of Birth: 24th of May, 1988.

Profession: Unemployed, possibly drug distribution.
Known affiliations: East Side Vagos.
Affiliation Information: Leading figurehead.

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Christian Carrasco were born in East of Los Santos in 1988, whereas he also were raised in the suburb. Christian, by early age took participation in the known ruthless Hispanic gang activity of his region. Throughout days of tough working, he was eventually made a distributator and would therefore deal illegal drug-narcotics around specific corners, in order to raise money for the gang activity of which he pledged an oath to.

By the year of 2013, the gang would split. Despite this, remaining street thugs took charge of the gang activity. The reason behind the gang would split in the first place, was because of the huge amount of police informants. Causing the gangs veterans to be put behind bars. Christian among others such as Santiago and Emmanuel took charge of the leadership. Christian, also known as Malvado took complete leadership.

The gang are slowly raising in member count and by the year of 2015 the gang has trustworthy members such as Cinto and Spider. They also began to raise reputation all around, gathering both allies and enemies. Rollin Heights Ballas are one of their most respected allies.

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